System Installations and Service:

 Company Oberts is the official Wood-Mizer distributer in Latvia and Estonia providing the following services:

1)    Wood Mizer sawmill system diagnostics, adjustments, service, and installation

2)    WM 3000, WM3500, and WM4000 production composite installation

3)    Packaging line SLP and SLP2 installation

4)    Blade sharpening, service, and welding

5)    Blade delivery by mail  

If you are using a Wood Mizer sawmill on daily bases, Wood-Mizer recommends a yearly diagnostic and maintenance service that can be performed by one of our technicians. It is especially important in the case of a system operator change. Our specialist will check the systemís regulations and technical conditions, as well as the technical maintenance compliance to the recommended guidelines. If needed, we also provide system operator and blade welder training.  As a result of our commitment to you and your saw mill, the system will be more precise and the blades will last longer.

We also provide company Stenner, Holtec, Fromm, and Wagner system installation and service.